Your hunt will take place on varies properties with over  30,000 acres available. You will be the only hunters on the ranch. This is a true 1 on 1 quality hunt. We are dedicated to providing our guests with the highest quality of service and standards. We seek to deliver our promise of value and quality above all else.


– Pick-up & drop-off at Johannesburg
– Accommodations, nestled deep in unspoiled nature, in the old Africa way.
– Three assume meals a day. Prepared by our professional caterer.
– Beer & wine in moderation, drinking water, cold drinks,
– Daily laundry services
– Registered professional hunters & guides
– Field preparation of trophies


– Air travel
– Accommodations not contracted in hunt.
– Trophy fees for animals taken, wounded or not recovered.
– Renting of rifle & cost of ammunition.
– Preparation, packing & documentation of trophies from South Africa

Daily rates
Hunter $395 per day 2 X 1
Hunter $450 per day 1 X 1

Dangerous Game $650 per day, 5 day minimum, Elephant/Leopard 14 day minimum.
Non-Hunter $225 week day

Rifle rental available at $315 per week includes ammunition

A non refundable $1000 deposit per hunter (applied to trophy fees) is required to secure and hold dates.
Reservation Form (PDF) to be filled out 2 months prior to departure.

We take Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard (NOT American Express), Wire transfer and US Dollars.
If you are going to use a Credit Card, please notify your C/C Company before come over.

We have WiFi on the ranch but remember that we are in the bush, not in a city.

Hunting clothes
Average weather is, day-time 65 to 70f, night-time 36 to 40f.
What to bring:
3 sets of hunting clothes, (don’t over pack, laundry gets done every day) a heavy jacket and light jacket.  A pair of comfortable hunting boots cause you will be walking a lot.

Power converter:
The voltage is 220, you will need a converter with South African plugs. Any electronics store has them or some store like that.

Rifle hunters:
A 300 caliber rifle (30.06, 300 mag ect) and 3 boxes of 180 grain premium bullets (Hornady, Nosler, Barnes, Swift)
Some useful information when traveling with guns TSA Regulations
US Customs Form 4457 Needs to be filled out if traveling with guns

Bow hunters:
We recommend that Bow Hunting be booked after the middle of July.
Your bow should be no lighter than 55lbs, 2 dozen arrows/broadheads and a range finder.