Rodney Scott

WOW! What a great time. Over the past 25 years I have been fortunate enough to hunt in several places with a number of exceptional guides. I never really had Africa on my bucket list; but for some reason I found myself in South Africa at DM Safaris. I hunted side by side with Diekie Muller for 7 days. A lot of guys that run an outfit as professional as DM Safaris seem to be a bit preoccupied when trying to guide and run the operation, Not Diekie, he was totally focused on my hunt and creating opportunities.

“We completed the hunt of a lifetime, Diekie, his Guides, and staff are Amazing”
I will return someday to hunt again with my new friends I consider family.

Thank You So Much.
Ohio – 2019

John Wasiniak

What a great time! Not only was the hunting great, but the hospitality was exceptional. On the first day, Diekie, Jaco & Natasha (and Mia), Dawie, and Warner welcomed us like family and we instantly had new friends. The food, hospitality, and comradely, was excellent!

My PH, Jaco, could track unbelievably, stalk like a lion, and set me up for the best possible shot without thinking twice. I would recommend Diekie Muller Safari hunting to anyone. It was the best hunting trip I have ever had and have memories that will last a lifetime, I hope to get back there again someday.

Thank you for the great hunt.
Ohio – 2019

Jason Hoogerhuis and Stacy Martinez

This was my first ever African Safari and my mission was to experience a “CLASSIC AFRICA SAFARI” hunt with a professional hunter, distinguished from all others as the “Best of the Best” – Diekie Muller Hunting Safaris. The seamless logistical planning process provided opportunity to focus on priorities such as strategy with my fiancé about our forthcoming adventure. Upon meeting Diekie and his family, we experienced their hospitality and they gained our utmost admiration. The best quality photography and video enhanced and captured the most prestigious once in a lifetime experience.

We felt heart filling admiration and tenderness for the hard-working beloved tracking dogs, respect for the professional trackers and guides and the patience and precision of the quality mounting of our trophies. We look forward to another trip in 2020.

Las Vegas, New Mexico – 2018

Dennis Braid

I think that I can speak for Jonathan and my wife by saying that we all had a fantastic adventure at DM safaris.
From the courteous pickup at J/Burg to the experiences in the field Diekies staff performed flawlessly. The accommodations, the fabulous meals and the professional staff were the Best!

Thank you.
California – 2018